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El Monte Marijuana Cultivation and Distribution Facility

UPDATED JAN. 16, 2019

On Dec. 18, 2018, the El Monte City Council approved a 71,000 sq. ft. marijuana cultivation and distribution facility adjacent to Temple City neighborhoods.

This decision was made despite community protest and letters from Temple City officials expressing significant health and safety concerns from the proposed project—in addition to plans for a nearby clustering for nine additional El Monte marijuana facilities near Temple City neighborhoods.

The City Attorney recently filed suit, citing that El Monte officials failed to fulfill their responsibility under the California Environmental Quality Act to fully analyze the facility's potential impacts.

When made available, lawsuit documents and updates will be posted to this page.


For project-related questions, please contact:

Betty Donavanik
City of El Monte
Community and Economic Development Director
(626) 258-8626


Map: 4400 Temple City Blvd.
Across from Temple City residential areas: Bisby and Gidley Sts., Ellis Ln. and Temple City Blvd.

Map: Other Proposed Marijuana Facilities
Seven other El Monte marijuana facilities are proposed in the vicinity of 4400 Temple City Blvd. 

Map: El Monte Neighborhoods Designated for Cannabis Growing and Processing
Facilities are not located within 800' of a school; buffer areas are shown on the maps.

     East Valley Entryway (three proposed facilities)
     Flair Park (testing is only allowed)
     Northwest (one approved, seven proposed facilities)


Nov. 8, 2018
Project Proposal and Public Hearing Notice
El Monte's Notice of Intent to adopt an Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration.

Nov. 26, 2018
Letter Identifying Project-Related Health and Safety Concerns
Temple City's formal response to the project's proposed Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration.

Nov. 27, 2018
Planning Commission Report  I  Video*
El Monte's staff recommendation requesting project approval by the El Monte City Council.

Nov. 27, 2018
El Monte's Response to Temple City's Identified Concerns
Includes responses to other parties citing environmental concerns, including the City of Rosemead.

Dec. 6, 2018
Temple City's Response to El Monte's Written Comments
Letter from Temple City officials expresses inadequate responses by the City of El Monte. 

Dec. 18, 2018
City Council Staff Report (begins on pg. 121)
El Monte's staff recommendation requesting all required project approvals by the El Monte City Council.

*Video hosted and provided by


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