City Council Standing Committees

Standing committees are formed by the City Council to provide for the detailed analyses of important topics. Each is comprised of two councilmembers who engage in focused discussion of specific issues, and report back to the full Council with progress summaries and recommendations. Standing committees are not decision-making bodies. 


Copies of agendas and minutes prior to Sept. 2, 2014 can be obtained by submitting a public records request, searching on the Public Records Digital Archive, or by visiting the City Clerk's Office at 9701 Las Tunas Drive, Temple City, CA 91780.

Agendas & Minutes
Legend: S - Special Meeting, R - Regular Meeting, C - Canceled Meeting


Furthers third-party reviews of the City's accounting and financial reporting processes.
Type Date Agenda Minutes  
R 09/05/2014 Agenda Minutes  
S 10/31/2014 Agenda Minutes  
S 12/05/2014 Agenda  Minutes  
S 12/09/2014 Agenda Minutes  
S 02/06/2015 Agenda Minutes      
S 07/10/2015 Agenda Minutes  
S 10/30/2015 Agenda Minutes  
S 12/10/2015 Agenda Minutes  
S 03/18/2016 Agenda
S 02/17/2017 Agenda     
R 03/17/2017 Agenda     
R 05/26/2017 Agenda     
C 08/26/2017 Agenda    

City and Temple City Unified School District 

Develops leveraged partnerships between the City and local schools.
Type Date Agenda Minutes
S 09/09/2014 Agenda Minutes
C 02/24/2015 Agenda --
S 04/21/2015 Agenda Minutes
S 09/29/2015 Agenda Minutes
S 02/18/2016 Agenda Minutes
C 03/17/2016 Agenda   
S 01/12/2017 Agenda Minutes
S 02/16/2017 Agenda Minutes
S 06/15/2017 Agenda Minutes

‚ÄčFacilities, Public Works, and Infrastructure 
Discussion of City facilities and infrastructure improvement.

Type Date Agenda Minutes
R 06/02/2017 Agenda   

Future Development of City Properties

Plans for the development of City-owned properties.
Type Date Agenda Minutes
R 09/26/2014 Agenda Minutes
R 12/05/2014 Agenda    
R 12/19/2014 Agenda Minutes
R 07/31/2015 Agenda Minutes
S 11/06/2015 Agenda Minutes
R 03/25/2016 Agenda

Las Tunas/Downtown Revitalization 

Explores and strategizes initiatives for downtown revitalization.
Type Date Agenda Minutes
R 09/26/2014 Agenda Minutes
R 12/05/2014 Agenda Minutes
R 01/16/2015 Agenda Minutes
R 05/08/2015 Agenda Minutes
R 10/23/2015 Agenda Minutes
R 11/06/2015 Agenda Minutes
R 12/18/2015 Agenda   
R 01/15/2016 Agenda   

Manager and Finance Officers

Reviews municipal finance trends and policies.
Type Date Agenda Minutes
R 12/08/2014 Agenda
R 01/15/2015 Agenda