Oversight Board

Pursuant to Assembly Bill 26, the Oversight Board was formed in February 2012, which dissolved all redevelopment agencies in the State of California. 

The Oversight Board oversees wind-down activities of the former Temple City Community Redevelopment Agency, including its administrative affairs and financial obligations. 

Agendas & Minutes
Legend: S - Special Meeting, R - Regular Meeting , C - Cancelled Meeting
Type Date Agenda Minutes
S 09/22/2014 Agenda Minutes
C 10/06/2014 Agenda N/A
C 11/03/2014 Agenda N/A
C 01/05/2015 Agenda N/A
S 01/26/2015 Agenda Minutes
C 02/02/2015 Agenda N/A
S 02/23/2015 Agenda Minutes
C 04/06/2015 Agenda N/A
C 05/04/2015 Agenda N/A
C 06/01/2015 Agenda N/A
C 07/06/2015 Agenda N/A
C 08/03/2015 Agenda N/A
C 09/07/2015 Agenda N/A
S 09/14/2015 Agenda Minutes
C 10/05/2015 Agenda N/A
C 11/02/2015 Agenda N/A
C 12/07/2015 Agenda N/A
S 12/14/2015 Agenda MInutes
C 01/06/2016 Agenda N/A
S 01/25/2016 Agenda MInutes
C 01/25/2016 Agenda N/A
S 01/29/2016 Agenda Minutes
C 03/07/2016 Agenda N/A
C 04/04/2016 Agenda N/A
C 05/02/2016 Agenda N/A
C 08/01/2016 Agenda N/A
C 09/05/2016 Agenda N/A
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