Current Projects

Accessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance

On January 1, 2017, two bills took effect (Assembly Bill 2299 and Senate Bill 1069) requiring cities to amend their existing rules on second units (renamed Accessory Dwelling Units or ADUs) to make them more lenient. On February 28, 2017, the Planning Commission reviewed and provided a recommendation to the City Council on a draft Ordinance prepared by staff that will institute new regulations for ADUs.  Below is a link to a summary of how the City’s existing Ordinance will need to be amended to comply with State law and additional standards staff and the Planning Commission are recommending.  The City Council is tentatively scheduled to review the draft Ordinance and the Planning Commission’s recommendations on April 18.  For questions or comments on the draft Ordinance please contact Andrew Coyne, Management Analyst at or (626) 656-7316 ext. 4344.
Summary Page with Illustrations
Planning Commission Staff Report and Draft Ordinance
Government Code Section 65852.2 regulating Accessory Dwelling Units
Public Hearing Notice

General Plan Update & Temple City Crossroads Specific Plan

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Pavement Management Program & Street Resurfacing

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Terraces at Temple City

A proposed four-story, mixed use project at 5935-53 Temple City Blvd. that consists of 61 residential condominium units (approx. 88,000 SF) and 7,250 SF of commercial floor area. 
Colored Elevation
Floor Plan
Public Notice & Environmental Documents
September 13, 2016 Planning Commission Agenda and Staff Report
October 18, 2016 City Council Meeting Minutes and Staff Report