Planning & Zoning

Zoning Information

Zoning Map (new! interactive map)
Zoning Code
Zoning Code Summary

Project Applications and Fees

What type of application do I need?
This depends on your proposed project.  Please contact the Planning Division to determine which application you should complete.
Appeal Form / Appeal Form (Chinese)
Certification of Installation
Certification of Landscape Design
Certification of Landscape Plan
Certification of Low Impact Development (LID) Design
Conditional Use Permit & Variance Application
Conditional Use Permit & Variance Brochure
Demolition Disclosure Form
Low Impact Development (LID) Manual
Low Impact Development (LID) Requirements
Master Application
Notification Packet Preparation Form
Planning Fee Schedule / Planning Fee Schedule (Chinese)
Public Hearing Process Handout
Sign Permit Application
Site Plan Review Application
Street Banner Application
Zoning Clearance Application
Zoning Clearance Application - Fences and Walls
Water Efficient Landscape Guidelines

Other Planning Information

For information about the ongoing update to the Temple City General Plan, please visit

For information about the current General Plan, the Downtown Specific Plan, and other adopted planning documents, please visit the Document Library.