Public Notices

Note: The City is not obligated to publish or post Public Notices on the City's website. This page is provided and updated solely for the convenience of the public, and should not be relied upon to satisfy any posting or publication requirements applicable to any individual hearing.

Public Hearings
Notices to property owners, tenants, concerned citizens or interested persons on a public hearing held by the City Council or Planning Commission.
Date Description
There are no public hearing notices posted at this time

Other Public Notices

Public notices regarding construction activities or other issues.
Date Description
11/03/2016 Construction notice regarding Citywide slurry seal street resurfacing
California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Notices and Documents
Notices and reports to concerned citizens or interested persons regarding decision of impact findings on the environment.
Date Description
09/19/2016 Temple City General Plan and Temple City Crossroads Specific Plan Notice of Preparation and Initial Study
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