Street Resurfacing & Pavement Management

Notice to Utilities and Contractors:
Street Moratorium in Effect

In March 2018, the City Council adopted an ordinance to place a moratorium on cutting or trenching of streets and alleys that were recently resurfaced. Moratoriums are in place for streets that have been resurfaced with slurry seal or other surface seal within the past 3 years, and streets that have been paved or repaved within the past 5 years.

Street resurfacing map showing moratorium dates

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Street resurfacing progress map - completed and planned resurfacing 
Pavement Management Program overview

Summer/Fall 2017 Street Resurfacing & Traffic Signal Improvements

Temple City resurfaced several streets and upgraded traffic signals throughout the city in the second half of 2017. Work started in August and was completed in late December. Certain traffic signals were replaced and upgraded around the city, including installation of pedestrian countdown timers at select locations. The following streets were resurfaced:

Street From To
Alessandro Ave.  Blackley St.  Pentland St.
Ardsley Dr.  Temple City Blvd. Cul-de-sac
Blackley St. Temple City Blvd. Golden West Ave.
Blackley St. Encinita Ave. Cul-de-sac
Broadway Temple City Blvd. Baldwin Ave.
Encinita Ave. Woodruff Ave. Longden Ave.
La Rosa Dr. Heleo Ave. Arden Dr.
Sparklett St. Temple City Blvd. Ardsley Dr.
Temple City Blvd. Camino Real Ave. Ellis Ln.

Fall 2016 Street Resurfacing

Slurry seal resurfacing was completed on about 11.5 miles of Temple City streets in November and December 2016. The City Council allocated $1.5 million of Measure R transportation funds for this project in the Fiscal Year 2016-17 City Budget.
List and map of streets slurry sealed