Measure AA: The Temple City Accountability Act

On Nov. 8, 2016, a ballot measure will give voters the opportunity to weight in on the proposed Temple City Government Accountability Act. A "yes" vote will:

   Eliminate gift and campaign contributions from developers and city contractors. 
   Limit eligibility for City commissions.
   Establish definitive term limits for City Council.
   Make some technical changes. 
The Act will incorporate these new provisions in to the City Charter--which defines how local government operates--making them legally enforceable.

Learn more below. 

Formal Council Actions

   Staff Report, July 19, 2016
   Provides rationale, and authorizes the Act for a community vote. 

   Meeting Video, July 19, 2016
   Discussion begins at 20:40.

Other Information 

   Ballot Measure Letter Designation
   Includes the ballot measure title and question.
   Frequently Asked Questions

   Extrapolated from the fall 2016 issue of CONNECT.

   Impartial Analysis
   As prepared by the City Attorney's Office. 

   Argument in Favor
   Submitted by former Mayor Blum, and Councilmembers Chavez and Fish. 

   Argument in Opposition
   None submitted.