Streets & Sidewalks

Notice to Utilities and Contractors:
Street Moratorium in Effect

In March 2018, the City Council adopted an ordinance to place a moratorium on cutting or trenching of streets and alleys that were recently resurfaced. Moratoriums are in place for streets that have been resurfaced with slurry seal or other surface seal within the past 3 years, and streets that have been paved or repaved within the past 5 years.

Street moratorium map

Potholes and Sidewalk Cracks

To report a pothole, cracked or raised sidewalk, or other street or sidewalk problem, please use the Request Tracker or call City Hall at 626-285-7187.

Street Resurfacing Program

In 2014, Temple City began implementing its Pavement Management Program (PMP) in an effort to maintain Temple City's asphalt street surfaces. The PMP prioritizes the resurfacing of streets that are in fair condition so that their life can be extended before they further deteriorate into poor condition. Streets that are already in poor condition are significantly more expensive to resurface than streets in fair condition. Since limited funding is available, funds are focused on prolonging the life of streets using less expensive resurfacing methods.

Due to limited funding, it is only possible to resurface a few streets each year. In addition to the condition of the pavement, the City must prioritize streets based on the type of street, traffic volume, and connectivity to other streets. The City is in the process of updating the PMP to develop a revised street resurfacing priority list and schedule, based on available funding. The revised PMP is expected to be completed in spring 2018.

Street resurfacing progress map

Street Resurfacing Request

The City receives many requests each year from residents to resurface their streets. While the City regularly fixes potholes and makes other minor repairs upon request, street resurfacing is prioritized based on available funding and the factors mentioned above. Since most residents would like their street to be resurfaced sooner rather than later, the City cannot use resident requests as a basis for prioritizing streets.

If you would like to let the City know about your desire to have your street resurfaced, please complete the street resurfacing request form. This will not prioritize your street and will not guarantee when your street will be resurfaced in the future, but will inform the City about your request and the condition of your street.

Street resurfacing request form