Cable: Charter Communications   866-499-8080
Electric: Edison   800-655-4555
  Billing Questions Residential: 800-684-8123
  Low Income Rate Assistance   800-447-6620
  Service   800-684-8123
Gas: The Gas Company Residential: 800-427-2200
    Cantonese 800-427-1420
    Korean 800-427-0471
    Mandarin 800-427-1429
    Vietnamese 800-427-0478
Refuse: Athens Disposal Company   626-336-3636
Water: California American Water Co.   888-422-5269
  East Pasadena Water Co.   626-793-6189
  San Gabriel County Water District   626-287-0341
  So. California Water Co.   626-446-1372
  Sunnyslope Water Co.   626-287-5238

Temple City Water District Map


* Note -  please check with the above water companies to determine water service locations.







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