Vacant Property Registration

On December 6, 2011, the City of Temple City established (Ordinance 11-949) a registration program for abandoned and vacant properties. The purpose of this program is four-fold:

  • To prevent residential neighborhoods and commercial areas from becoming blighted.
  • To ensure adequate maintenance and/or security of commercial and residential properties.
  • To protect the public from health and safety hazards.
  • To promote the economic stability of the City, including property values.

The City’s Municipal Code, Section 4293, specifically requires properties that are legally vacant or in the process of foreclosure to be registered annually. Vacant properties must be registered by the property owner or trustee within ten (10) days of the property being determined vacant. Banks and mortgage companies must also register properties, vacant or occupied, if they have begun foreclosure proceedings (including delivering a mortgagee’s intent to foreclose).

 To be in compliance, registering individuals or organizations must:

  • Complete a registration form.  Click here.

  • Pay a mandatory Fee of $147 (registration fee: $35.00 and inspection monitoring fee: $112) via check or money order to the City of Temple City.

  • The completed form and registration fee can be mailed or submitted in person to the Community Preservation Division at:

     City of Temple City
9701 Las Tunas Drive

Temple City, CA 91780


For more information, please email the Community Preservation Division at or call (626) 285-2171.