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UPDATED November 6, 201

Operators of all businesses, trades, professions and occupations are required to obtain a business license from the City.   Before signing a lease for a commercial or manufacturing unit, it is highly recommended that you verify with City Staff to see if your business is permitted or conditionally permitted at the location. Once the location has been approved by City Staff, a prospective business owner or operator may submit a business license application to the City.  Commercial licenses are $75 annually, plus a $320 processing fee (one-time); Contractor licenses are $86, plus a $28 processing fee (one-time); and Home Occupation licenses are $64 per year, plus a $135 processing fee (one-time).   Specialty business licenses vary by type of business, some require a $521 processing fee (one-time) and an annual $87 Sheriff background check.  As of July 1, 2011, business license fees are no longer pro-rated. For more information, please contact Jennifer at (626) 285-2171 or email.

The following materials are available for your convenience:

Temple City Zoning Map

Commercial/Manufacturing Business License:

Steps to Obtain a Business License

Commercial/Manufacturing Business License Application (Note - a sign is required for all businesses. For more information, see the business license guide and sign application.)

Sign and Temporary Banner Application

Other Business Licenses:

Home Occupation Business License Application Form

Contractor License Application Form

Commercial Rental Form

Residential Rental Form

Business by Vehicle License Form

Business as an Independent Service Provider Form

Commercial Business License Application Not Else Classified Form

Live Scan Request Form (If Business Requires a Background Investigation)


In addition to submitting an application for a Business License, additional forms may be required to operate a business.  In effort to expedite your business license request, please review the forms below:

Sign/Banner Permit Online Application Form

  Sign Ordinance in the Commercial Zones

   Temporary Sign (Banner) Ordinance

Planning Application (Required if applying for a Conditional Use Permit)

Downtown Specific Plan:

Listed below for your convenience are the Commercial Zoning Codes that allow or conditionally allow a business to operate in the the City's commercial corridor. Please be advised that this information is for reference only, and that tentative zoning approval will be given to a business license applicant by the Business License Technician or a staff member of the Community Development Department. 

Map of Downtown Specific Plan (Las Tunas Drive)

Land Use Matrix (Las Tunas Drive)

Downtown Specific Plan (Las Tunas Drive)

Other Information:

Temple City Zoning Map

Businesses that Require a Background Check

Conditionally Permitted Businesses

C-1-R, Retail Commercial Zone

C-1, Retail Commercial Zone

C-2, General Commercial Zone

C-3, Heavy Commercial Zone

M-1, Light Manufacturing Zone

M-2, Heavy Manufacturing Zone

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