There are five members on the Temple City Council. They are independently elected by the people at large for four-year terms of office. As a legislative body, it is the duty of the City Council to make the laws and establish policy. Each year the Council selects one of its members to act as Mayor and one as Mayor Pro Tempore. The Mayor presides over the Council meetings, and represents the City at civic functions upon request. The Mayor Pro Tempore serves in the Mayor's absence. City Council meetings are conducted on the first and third Tuesday of each month, 7:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers, 5938 Kauffman Ave., Temple City.

Carl Blum

E-mail: cblum@templecity.us
Mayor's Hotline: (626) 286-2189
Mayor Pro Tem
Tom Chavez

E-mail: tchavez@templecity.us

Fernando Vizcarra

E-mail: fvizcarra@templecity.us

Vincent Yu

E-mail: vinceyu@templecity.us


Cynthia Sternquist

Email: csternquist@templecity.us