Crime Map

In partnership with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Temple City crime data is now mapped and available to residents at Information provided by the website is as up to date as possible. allows residents to view where crimes are occurring and the types of crimes being committed. The website also allows residents to submit crime tips and even receive alerts to their mobile device when crime occurs within a certain distance of a selected location.

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DISCLAIMER: is a mapping tool that provides the public with valuable information about crime activity in respective neighborhoods. Crime data provided by is for informational purposes only. The data is preliminary, incomplete and subject to change upon receipt of updated information related to individual incidents.

By accessing this website, users attest that they have read, understood, and acknowledged the following: I understand that the information on this external site is for informational purposes only, for the betterment of the community. I understand that multiple incidents at a location, and incidents that may not geocode, will affect the number of incidents portrayed on the map and in tables and reports in the program. I will not seek to hold the City of Temple City or the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department liable under any circumstances for any damages with respect to any claim by the user or any third party on account of, or arising from, the use of data or maps.