Zoning & Land Use

The Planning staff uses three key resources to plan for the City’s future: zoning, the general plan, and specific plans.  


Online Zoning Code
Describes various types of zoning districts and land use classifications, land use regulations, and development and environmental performance standards. 

Online Zoning Map
Provides an interactive map that allows a user to browse and query parcel-specific zoning information. 

Zoning Summary
Summarizes regulations by zone, e.g. permitted uses, required yard setbacks, maximum building height, etc. 


Mid-Century General Plan
Serves as a blueprint for land use in Temple City; also provides a series of policies that guide future decisions about growth, development and the conservation of resources.

Mid-Century General Plan: Housing Element
Specifies ways in which the housing needs of existing and future resident populations can be met. 

Mid-Century General Plan: Land Use Map
Illustrates various zoning districts and land use classifications that provide basis for the zoning code. 


Crossroads Specific Plan
Contains detailed development standards, distribution of land uses and infrastructure requirements for future investment and development on parcels at or near the intersection of Las Tunas Dr. and Rosemead Blvd.