Campaign Statement Filings

State law (Government Code 81000) requires candidates and committees to file campaign disclosure statements, which provide detailed accounting information on money spent or contributions received in support or opposition of a candidate, campaign or measure. 

The City Clerk is the official filing officer for campaign disclosure statements related to elections for the Temple City City Council, and local City ballot and initiative measures.

For copies of campaign disclosure statements prior to 2020, visit the City Clerk's office or submit a public records request


The Public Access Portal contains financial information provided by candidates and committees. It can answer questions about who is contributing money, who is receiving money, and how it is being spent.

Use the Public Access Portal to research campaign contributions and expenditures, review campaign statements filed by candidates and committees, or examine a committee's filing history by election.
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The Filer Access Portal is a web-based, data entry filing system that allows candidates and campaign committees to submit disclosure reports mandated by California's Political Reform Act to the Electronic Filing System free of charge.

Use the Filer Access Portal to create electronic campaign statements. Before you begin you must have received your Electronic Filing System filer identification number and password. To get a filer identification number and password for your committee, call the City of Temple City, City Clerk's Office at (626) 285-2171.