Eaton Wash Bike Path

Eaton Wash concept illustration


Constructing a bicycle and walking path for public use along the Eaton Wash has long been a priority for Temple City and the County of Los Angeles. The idea was first identified in the County's 1975 Plan of Bikeways and further highlighted in the County's 2012 Bikeway Master Plan and 2017 SGV Greenway Network Strategic Implementation Plan, in addition to Temple City's own Bicycle Master Plan.

Project Description

The County of Los Angeles received grant funding to design and construct Phase I of the path, which will run along the west side of the Eaton Wash between Longden Avenue and Rosemead Boulevard. Temple City was awarded additional funding for the project through the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments. These additional funds will be used for enhanced landscaping and other such improvements to make the path more attractive and pleasing to use.

Additional details about the project can be viewed in the presentation provided to the City Council on August 20, 2019.

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