Temporary Outdoor Dining and Business Permits 

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the County of Los Angeles has restricted the operation of some businesses to only occur outdoors.  To assist local businesses, the City Council approved a no-fee permit to allow businesses to temporarily operate outside. Please review the following and follow the instructions to submit an application:

1) Download the Application: For applications entirely within private property download the appropriate Zoning Clearance Application (Temporary Outdoor Dining Application & Temporary Outdoor Business Application). For outdoor businesses occurring on the public sidewalks fill out an Encroachment permit, as well.  

Please be aware of these standard conditions on temporary outdoor dining and other temporary outdoor businesses.  Not all of these may apply to your business.  Submitting an application that is responsive to these conditions will speed up the review of your application.  

2) Prepare Your Plan: Prepare a plan showing where on the property the business will take place. Please review the submittal requirements found on the first page of the Zoning Clearance Application.

3) Upload: Your application materials can be uploaded here.

4) Contact Other Agencies: 

  • If you sell alcohol, you will need to file a permit application with the State of California Alcoholic Beverage Control.  
  • If you are proposing to have a tent or a combination of tents more than 400 square feet you will need a permit from the Los Angeles County Fire Department.  Please refer to the Fire Department office in Irwindale at (626) 430-3050 / 5200 Irwindale Ave # 210 Irwindale, CA 91706.
  • Restaurants and other businesses that sell food or drinks should check with the Los Angeles County Health Department regarding their permitting process and requirements.  
  • You should also contact or view the L.A. County Health Department regulations regarding outdoor operations.