Starting a Business

Get your new business up and running. Take advantage of the City's resources, programs and ombudsman services available to prospective business owners.
The following checklist is designed to guide you through key milestones and help expedite you through the City's business license approval process. 

  1. Take an online self-assessment test to better understand if you're ready to start a business.
  2. Obtain free or low-cost advice from local business organizations to develop a business plan and determine if there's a local market for your business.
  3. Find a location. Before signing a lease, contact the City's Planning Division to ensure zoning regulations allow for your business.
  4. Determine your business structure and register a fictitious name with the County of Los Angeles. 
  5. Understand your employer responsibilities, including tax withholdings and worker's compensation insurance.
  6. File for federal taxpayer and state employer identification numbers for tax and business structure purposes. 
  7. Get a City business license and other regulatory permits and licenses specific to your business activity.
  8. If you are proposing physical changes to your business site, you may need to apply for a City building permit. 
  9. Recruit and train employees using local Workforce Investment Board resources. 
  10. Once you've opened shop, take advantage of various resources to help your business thrive. 
Note: Information is provided as courtesy only; is not all-inclusive and should not be submitted for the advice of an attorney or professional business consultant. The City of Temple City expressly disclaims any liability for errors or omissions contained herein.