Emergency Preparedness

From earthquakes to windstorms, we want you to be prepared for any disaster situation. Participating in preparedness training programs and learning about emergency management will help you stay one step ahead of any crisis situation.

Programs & ​Resources

Emergency Agencies

L.A. County Office of Emergency Management
California Office of Emergency Services
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Cal Fire
Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Additional Preparedness Information

Emergency preparedness information will help you prepare for potential earthquakes, floods, windstorms, outbreaks, or other manmade and natural disasters. 

 Animal Preparedness
     Disaster Preparedness for Pets (American Red Cross)
     Pet Preparedness Brochure (Humane Society)
 Emergency Preparedness
     All Hazards Preparedness Guide (CDC)
     Emergency Financial First Aid Kit (FEMA)
     Emergency Survival Program
     Emergency Supply List (Ready.gov)
     Help After a Disaster (FEMA) 
 Heat Safety
     Extreme Heat (Ready.gov)
     It's Hot Outside Toolkit (CDC)
 Natural Disasters
     Earthquake Safety Guide for Homeowners (FEMA)
     How to Protect your Property or Business from High Winds (FEMA)
     Severe Drought (US EPA)
     Wildfires (US EPA)
     Flu Prevention Toolkit (CDC)
     Influenze Risk Assessment Tool (CDC)
 Senior Safety
     Operation Emergency Prepare (AARP)
     Heat Stress in the Elderly
     Preparing Makes Sense for Older Americans (Ready.gov)
 Terrorist Hazards
     Biological Attack Fact Sheet (FEMA)
     Terrorism Preparedness (American Red Cross)