Senior Master Plan Advisory Committee

The City Council formally adopted the Senior Master Plan at its April 17, 2018 meeting. Please click the link below to view the final document:

Temple City Senior Master Plan

Committee Facts

Authority: The Senior Master Plan (SMP) Advisory Committee was created by the City Council. 

Mission Statement/Purpose: The SMP Advisory Committee will develop a Master Plan to evaluate community-based services in order to promote healthy and vital aging in the community.

Meetings: Meetings are generally held on the first Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm, but may be scheduled at other times as needed.

Membership: The SMP Advisory Committee consists of 14 members appointed by the City Council. The SMP Advisory Committee members are listed below.

Name Date Appointed Date Term Expires Compensation
Aubrey Chan 5/16/2017 See below  None
Marie Chen 5/16/2017 See below  None
Carol Daughtery 5/16/2017 See below  None
Donna Georgino 5/16/2017 See below  None
Kohei Ishida 5/16/2017 See below  None
Dennis Leung 5/16/2017 See below  None
Lucy Liou 5/16/2017 See below  None
Sharon Morris 5/16/2017 See below  None
Pamela Polagi 5/16/2017 See below None
Liz Powell 5/16/2017 See below None
Joanne Rosso 5/16/2017 See below None
Ann Seitz 5/16/2017 See below None
Gavin Ward 5/16/2017 See below None
Michael Wintercorn 5/16/2017 See below None
Type Date Agenda Minutes
R 06/01/2017 Agenda Minutes
R 07/06/2017 Agenda Minutes
R 08/03/2017 Agenda Minutes 
R 09/07/2017 Agenda Minutes
R 10/05/17 Agenda Minutes 
R 11/04/17 Agenda Minutes 
R 01/04/2018 Agenda Minutes

Term: The SMP Advisory Committee is a limited-term committee. At the completion of the Senior Master Plan, the SMP Advisory Committee will be dissolved. For Continuity purposes, SMP Advisory Committee members were appointed for the life of the committee, through the completion of the Senior Master Plan.

Can members serve on commissions or other committees? Yes

Compensation: None. SMP Advisory Committee members are not compensated for their service.

Agendas & Minutes
SMP Advisory Committee meeting agendas are posted online at least 72 hours prior to the meeting. Agendas and meeting materials are also available for viewing at City Hall.

Agenda, minutes, meeting materials, and audio recordings of SMP Advisory Committee meetings are available below.
Legend: S - Special Meeting, R - Regular Meeting, C - Cancelled Meeting