Curb Addresses


Address numbers painted on curbs provide a quick and easy way for emergency responders, delivery services, and others to locate properties. Curb numbers should be repainted every few years to ensure In that they remain visible and legible.

In 2017, Temple City authorized Canning Hunger, a local nonprofit organization, to repaint the curb addresses throughout the city as a fundraiser and public service. Temple City did not pay Canning Hunger to perform this service; the organization solicited donations from residents, but donations were not required.

Canning Hunger painted most curb addresses in the City over several months in late 2017. No further curb painting is scheduled at this time. There are currently no organizations authorized to paint curb addresses in Temple City. If you see people painting curbs or soliciting donations for curb painting, or if you have any other questions or concerns about curb addresses, please contact Ashley Avery in the Community Development Department at 626-285-2171 ext. 4316.