How likely am I to have a leak?
1 out of 10 homeowners has water leaks. Leaks can waste water — up to 90 gallons or more per day. This increases water bills by 10-15%. Some water providers offer water audits to show you where and how you can save. These audits are particularly valuable regarding outdoor water usage. Since 50-80% of all residential water is used outdoors for irrigation purposes, making fixes outdoors can have the greatest impact on the drought — and your bill!

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1. Why is there a drought?
2. What are the statewide water restrictions?
3. Are there additional local restrictions?
4. How long will restrictions last?
5. Will the new watering schedules kill my lawn?
6. Can I let my lawn go brown?
7. Should I continue to water other outdoor vegetation?
8. What else can I do to cut landscaping and gardening water use?
9. How much are the fines for watering on the wrong day or overwatering?
10. I see my neighbors wasting water and not watering on the right days. How do I report them?
11. What if I’m already conserving?
12. How likely am I to have a leak?
13. How can I conserve more and qualify for available rebates?
14. What are some ways I can save water outdoors?
15. What are some ways I can save water indoors?
16. Is City Hall doing its part?